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About us


In Arizmendi we offer integral solutions for the HR area

With 70 years of experience in the market, we offer Services and Products of Practical Legal Guidance, Payroll calculations, Specialized Training and Management for Companies in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

The beginning of our organization

Dr. Fernando María de Arizmendi created a product that revolutionized the market.
When in charge of personnel area of an important Argentine company he found that the complexity and volume of current labor legislation was very difficult to apply. In the search for a practical solution for his task and in the spirit of gathering the information present in several sources, the Basic File of Commercial and Industrial labor was created, with their own colleagues who promoted it for placing on the market.

The success of this innovation was to make a correct selection and ordering of the dispersed labor legislation, and in a single product with a simple and accessible language, and the commitment to keep it always updated.

Years later, was created the Legal Guidance Practice division that incorporated the professional support of a team of specialists dedicated to attending all the consultations in the matter, included the Work, to clarify the specific situations that are presented to the companies, from day to day, accompanying the decision making.

Mission, Vision and Values

We are convinced that our Mission is to strengthen the conditions that endorse and prestige our career path: RELIABILITY, CERTAINTY AND SECURITY, striving daily to provide a better service, using the latest technology and with it developing more and better systems and products oriented to the HR area of the companies.

Our Vision is to ensure that the concept stays in our clients’ minds: ARIZMENDI IS SOLUTION in HR area.

Already in our founding stone, during the year 1950, our Values were clearly founded: HONESTY, INNOVATION, TEAMWORK.

Quality Policy

In 2005, we decided, at that time very innovated idea in Argentina, to certify our processes within the framework of a quality management system that complied with the ISO 9001 standard. This election strongly committed us to continuously improve the effectiveness and sustainability of our work system.

The ISO 9001 standard is prepared by the International Standards Organization (ISO), and determines the requirements for a Quality Management System (QMS). The standard is applied internally in organizations, regardless of whether they are products or services and is valid for both public organizations and private companies.


file of Legislation Online

Do you need us to support you with our experience to make decisions regarding your staff?

We have a product oriented to solve your day to day problems, with the legal support that corresponds to the given situation. It is our file of Legislation Online, (in Argentina) that summarizes and orders in a clear way all current regulations and always updated. Additionally, we include the support of our team of professionals specialized in the field.


Do you need us to provide a personalized and excellent service in payroll calculation?

The companies trust and delegate to our specialists the tasks of Human Resources area and in that way, they can focus strongly on boosting their own business.

• Update information in a very simple way via email o web.
• Backup and storage of your data “in the cloud”, complying with international standards of security and information backup.
• Service with constant support
• Own software: legal updates on time and upgrades on demand.
• Service available in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

Includes Self-management portal

Software as a Service

Do you prefer to access in a self-reliant way to your payroll calculation and from anywhere?

Access our payroll calculation and HR administration system online, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world, without the need to invest in additional hardware. Easy, fast and safe.

Includes Self-management portal

Self-management portal

Would you like your employees to have an effective, safe and auditable communication channel with HR area?

The Self-management portal is a self- consultation system that allows your employees to consult all their data and view, sign and print their compensations.

Likewise, the HR management may use the Portal to distribute the compensations more quickly and electronically. Each collaborator can print it and deliver it to the HR office, signed in handwriting.

The system also allows the employee to modify their data, thus keeping their information updated. Also, from HR you can send other notifications to staff and avoid long processes of monitoring the labor documentation that is essential for HR department. Everything remains in the portal.

business management

Do you need us to support you in other MANAGEMENT that make the dynamics of your organization to have “everything in order”?

We have interdisciplinary teams of professionals to offer solutions to your company, without distinction of activity, size or business volume.

We offer you:
• Legal support in service outsourcing processes
• Personnel management solutions
• Management, controls, documentation, analysis for the HR Area

Some of our customers

We offer our products and services to local companies or corporations, regardless of their size and we cover all the most diverse industrial, commercial and services activities, which rely on our knowledge and experience to meet the needs in the HR area.



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